Bernstein Society Shabbat Service & Annual Meeting

Shabbat Service, Speaker & Annual Meeting sponsored by the Philip S. Bernstein Society
Friday, October 19

5:15 pm Pre-Shabbat Reception for all, sponsored by the Bernstein Society

6:00 pm Shabbat Service with speaker Jennifer Lawless, Commonwealth Professor of Politics at the University of Virginia.  

Followed by annual meeting of the Bernstein Society & dinner (free for members of the Society).   Non-members interested in joining the dinner may do so for $20.  RSVP to Terri Richardson by clicking here or calling 244-7060. 


Parashat Vayigash

In this Torah portion, Joseph’s brothers refuse to return to Canaan without Benjamin, whom Joseph has falsely accused of theft. Joseph reveals his true identity and invites his brothers to return for their father, Jacob, and bring him and their families to Egypt to live. When they return, Joseph introduces his father to Pharaoh, and, at Pharaoh’s suggestion, the family settles in Goshen, a particularly fertile region of Egypt.