TBK Reaches Out

The act of reaching out, and those who commit themselves to serving others, are generally motivated by the urging of their hearts to improve the lives of others and the world in general.

Here are two of the ways we reach out to others in the community

St. John's Meadows

The second Shabbat morning of every month, David Orange leads services for 20-25 Jewish residents at St. John's Meadows. They represent a small minority of the population and have little connection to the greater Jewish community. Since starting this nearly two years ago, Meadows residents have created an intimate bond with each other and created a miniature congregation of sorts. We even donate canned food and money to local food pantries! Our service is always followed by Kiddush and a well-appointed shabbos meal. TBK Sisterhood sends holiday greeting cards to Meadows residents. This Outreach activity connects our seniors to the Jewish community in ways that is immeasurable. Everyone is welcome!

Jewish Home of Rochester

Assisting Rabbi Sandra Katz, TBK volunteers have provided round-trip transport to the residents from their floors to the Liberal service in the Eber Room. Following the service each Shabbat morning, we join the Traditional service for Kiddush. The high energy of our TBK volunteers has created a lively atmosphere for the residents who attend every week. A heartfelt thank you to all of our volunteers for their energy, personality, patience, and most of all, Jewish soul. 
We are always in need of more volunteers!