WRJ/Sisterhood’s 125th Anniversary
Friday May 11 at Shabbat Service
Please come and help us celebrate!

WRJ/Sisterhood Prayer Shawl Drive honoring our 125th year
WRJ/TBK Sisterhood will be holding a prayer shawl drive in to assist congregations across the country. Congregations in California have struggled with the recent fires and mudslides. Those in Texas and Puerto Rico are still recovering from the hurricanes. 

Our goal is to collect 125 gently used or new prayer shawls in honor of WRJ/Sisterhood’s 125th anniversary this year! A collection box will be placed outside the WRJ/Sisterhood office. Feel free to drop off your gently used prayer shawls anytime. WRJ/Sisterhood will take care of dry cleaning and shipping. We hope you will choose to be part of this wonderful mitzvah with us!

Passover Tastings and Recipe Sharing
Sunday March 25 from 12:00 - 1:30 pm

If you're looking for new Passover recipes, be sure to stop by TBK to sample delightful foods and sign up to receive the recipes. Planned stations include Seder and Sides, Anything Matzo, and Sweet Treats. WRJ/Sisterhood members and their families will prepare a variety of foods for you to try. Recipes will be emailed after the event, in time for Passover.

Items for Passover and all year round
are available in your TBK Judaica Shop.
Seder Plates, Matzo covers, Haggadahs, leaping frogs and more!
Wedding Gifts, hostess gifts or just something for your family's celebration.
Please stop by to see our current selection. Special orders are welcome.

The Judaica Shop is open by appointment, especially when Sunday Religious School is not in session. If you wish to visit the shop please call 244-7060 to schedule an appointment.

WRJ/Sisterhood Slate of Officers for 2018-2019

Co-Presidents Susan Fogal &
Ellen Solomon
VP Education/Hospitality Liza Robbins Theuman
Vice President Membership Monica Gurell
Vice President Programming Cindy Finestone
Vice President Ways & Means Melinda Riviello
Treasurer Gail Pogal
Assistant Treasurer Jane Levy
Recording Secretary Monica Skerker
Corresponding Secretary Susan Hellman
Assistant Corresponding Secretary: Charlene Caplan
Directors 2018-2020:

Julie Alweis
Robin Cortese
Jane Curwin
Sandra Kushner

Directors 2018-2019
(to complete a term)
Harriett Shulman