Can You...School 52?  

Last year School 52 students appreciated the hard work and dedication of 80 TBK volunteers. Our summer program was another success - we had about 40 volunteers help us throughout the four-week program.

But, we can always use more help.

If you are interested in volunteering at School 52 this year, please the following information to Bruce Pollock, volunteer coordinator, at 586-6862 or via email at bpollock53[at] :

-Your name
-Best way to contact you (phone, email)
-Preferred volunteer day (Monday-Friday)
-Preferred time (morning or afternoon)
-Preferred grade (Kindergarten-6th grade)
-Any other preferences (would you like to work in the library/office/special education/etc)
-Any special talents (are you good with computers, etc)

This will give us a chance to match your preferences to the teachers' wants/needs. We will try to honor specific requests as best as possible.

TBK-School 52 Partnership Thriving  

School52KevinThis school year we have reached new heights with our partnership program with School 52. We have more volunteers helping more teachers and students than ever before. Under the leadership of the TBK-School 52 Partnership Committee, led by Don Ginsberg, we have extended our support to cover all grades and all classrooms. Volunteers are providing 1:1 academic support for 120 students that need a helping hand to achieve grade-level skills.

How did we do it? By leveraging Friends of Educational Excellence (FREE) Partnerships, a new non-profit organization founded by Bruce Pollock, TBK volunteer coordinator at School 52, we have expanded to cover more classrooms and more students. Bruce launched FREE Partnerships this past year to replicate our TBK-School 52 model in other schools and to help all Rochester community-school partnerships to be more effective. At TBK our vision has always been to provide a helping hand to every student in School 52 that needs help so every child can be successful in school. FREE Partnerships has helped us recruit more volunteers to enable us to fulfill our vision. Today the TBK-School 52 Partnership is managing 67 volunteers at School 52: 19 TBK members, 29 college students, and 19 other volunteers from the Rochester community.

Has our School 52 Partnership been effective? Yes! Using this model, in 2010, School 52 achieved a ranking of #2 in the Rochester City School District out of 38 elementary schools on the NYS English Language Arts (ELA) exam. Our School 52 program had over 90 volunteers during the 2009-2010 school year. They became an integral part of the student learning environment. By June 2010 88% of all students were reading at grade level. In the 2010-2011 school year we are shooting to become the No. 1 public elementary school in Rochester.