RAIHN Training will be Monday, September 19

6:30 pm - 8:00 pm in Stuart & Betsy Bobry Adult Lounge

This is a training session for our newest Volunteers.
Certification is critical to all client-facing roles.

Please join our newest Social Action initiative in coordination with Third Presbyterian Church. The Rochester Area's Interfaith Hospitality Network (RAIHN) is a network of 41 local, culturally diverse, and caring faith communities who provide food, shelter, hospitality, and personalized case management for our area's homeless families. You and your family will be able to sign up for the important positions by sending your questions andregistering your interest in volunteering to Herb Skerker at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or 381-9367 

or Liza Robbins Theuman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 201-2024.

WRJ/Sisterhood Joins Voter Alliance

WRJ/Sisterhood is pleased to be a member of the Rochester Voter Alliance (RVA) once again.

This organization was formed ten years ago to register voters for the 2004 Presidential Election. The purpose of RVA is inform those who are not registered, those who may think that they are ineligible to vote and those who do not realize that they need to reregister. Alliance members include the League of Women Voters, Catholic Family Service, Center for Disability Rights, The Interfaith Alliance of Rochester, and Interfaith IMPACT of NYS, to name a few.

The work of RVA occurs from May through September at summer festivals, the Public Market, neighborhood health centers, TOPS Friendly Markets, Strong Memorial Hospital and at other locations where voter registration and voter turnout are low. Volunteers work in teams of two for a 2-3 hour shift. Each team receives the forms, directions, answers to often asked questions and other pertinent materials. Locations are secured by the RVA Steering Committee.

Please consider becoming a volunteer for RVA. The more volunteers for RVA means more shifts and locations can be scheduled and more people will become registered to vote. Registering someone to vote is an extremely rewarding experience. It is not too early to sign up. Call Judy Schwartz 442-5111 to sign up and/or for more information.

Can You Help a Child?

Adorable tripletsDo you have what foster children need?

They need love and security. Can you offer that? Right now, Monroe County has a shortage of foster homes and is looking for more caring people. 

Learn about all life has to offer. Become a foster parent. Information sessions are being held in February, March and April. To register or for more information call 334-9096.

Change the World

- Girls in Kenya's Masai region, have a shortage of sanitary protection products. Less well-off girls miss four days of class every month because their parents cannot afford these products for their daughters. The same sad situation is as prevalent in Rwanda resulting in a 10 - 20 percent absenteeism rate from school. Girls consequently fall behind in their studies, as it is impossible for them to attend school without protection.

- Thousands of women in Africa, Asia and the Arab region suffer from obstetric fistulas -a hole in the birth canal caused by prolonged labor without prompt medical intervention. The woman is left with chronic incontinence and, in most cases, a stillborn baby. WRJ has just developed a new program for sisterhoods, Maternal Health and Fistula, as an implementing partner of the Religions for Peace inter-religious initiative to seek an end to maternal deaths and fistula. Many multi-religious women's groups are implementing the initiative.

Visit the WRJ/Sisterhood page for information on how you can participate in these projects.

Save a Life - Buy a Net

If you could save a life for $10, would you? You can - by buying a bed net to protect a family from mosquitoes transmitting malaria.

We're excited to announce the official launch of the Union for Reform Judaism's Nothing But Nets Initiative. URJ has committed to supplying 50,000 bed nets for sub-Saharan African communities to protect families from mosquitoes transmitting malaria. A $10 contribution goes directly towards the purchase, distribution, and monitoring of an insecticide-treated bed net.

One million people die each year from malaria - 90% of those are African children. We can prevent these deaths. Make a commitment to help the Union for Reform Judaism provide 50,000 nets to Nothing But Nets.

To buy a net or find more information, visit: urj.org/nets

Judicial Process Commission

JPC is looking for volunteers to help serve a very vulnerable and special group - women coming home from county jail who are pregnant or are mothers with children under the age of two.

If you are interested please contact Sue Porter at 325-7727.

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Nothing But Nets - Help Save Lives with $10

The spread of malaria is preventable. A $10 donation goes directly towards the purchase, distribution, and education about the proper use of an insecticide-treated bed net. Join the Union for Reform Judaism in our fight against global poverty.

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