High Holy Day Board Policy on Admission

TBK Board Policy Regarding High Holy Day Admission               

The TBK Board of Trustees has approved the following list of admission policies in keeping with the following principles:

1.  TBK will be warm and welcoming to all.

2.  TBK will identify everyone who is attending services for safety and security purposes.

3.  TBK’s model of congregational life is “relational” and not “transactional”. While we require the financial support of congregants and families, we recognize that people attend and participate because of their relationships with others at TBK.

4.  TBK asks members of the congregation to support TBK to the best of their ability.

5.  TBK will strive to eliminate administrative roadblocks to participation. TBK works to encourage attendance, participation, commitment and connection to Judaism.


Adult Members in Good Standing - Identification nametags are enclosed with this mailing for each adult member of your household approximately one month before High Holy Days if your member commitment is current or you have made arrangements with the office. If you do not receive the correct nametags or if you need additional nametags, please contact the TBK office at least one week before the holidays.

Children of Members in Good Standing - Children between the ages of 13 and 26 will receive identification nametags. Children under the age of 13 do not require nametags for admission. Grade 3 and younger must preregister to attend the special High Holy Days children’s program. Complete the application in this mailing or obtain a form at TBK.

Guests & Non-members (includes adult children and family members not named in membership form). Guests are welcome but must register with the TBK office and have identification nametags mailed ahead (please allow at least one-week notice). There is a suggested donation of $300 per adult which may be applied toward membership commitment any time during the year. No one will be denied the opportunity to worship with us regardless of ability to donate, but for safety and security purposes, all must have identification nametags. If you are a member in good standing with another congregation, please be our guest.

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