As we move into a new year we are excited to share our new TBK Music Vision statement, crafted this past year by our Music Committee with Fred Weingarten as chair. The statement was adopted by our Board of Trustees this past June. We have much to be proud of as we look forward. Throughout my bulletin notes this year, I will reflect on our vision, where it comes from, and how we move it forward.

TBK Music Vision Statement
We believe that music is a pathway to the soul and central to our feeling of community. Music is deeply embedded in our lives and Jewish practices, and expresses our deepest feelings and thoughts. Music within the service inspires us, enhances our prayer, forges connections between generations, and creates touchstones for life's significant memories.

Our vision is realized when:
- All feel musically welcome and comfortable;
- Music is inspirational and transformative;
- We balance innovation with a strong tie to our historical roots;
- We provide high quality musical experiences, diverse styles of music and instrumentation;
- There are many opportunities to participate in singing as a congregation.

Through the support of congregants, senior staff, and the Board of Trustees, music at TBK will continue to thrive, connecting us to Jewish liturgical music, and helping us to express our connection to God and Judaism.

Keri Lopatin Berger
Cantorial Soloist and Director of Music