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Rabbi's Weekly Message

  Rabbi's Message 

A year ago, when life was different, we were all preparing for Seders, getting ready for the spring holidays and I was gearing up to embark on a daily activity on our newly minted Instagram account (@tbk_roc). I’m sure many of you will remember the daily Omer counting posted to the TBK Instagram stories. (If you happened to miss it, you can pop over to the Instagram and catch up.) As you may know, the Counting of the Omer is a daily activity we do from Passover to Shavuot to commemorate the forty-nne days between the Israelites’ liberation from slavery in Egypt to when we received the Torah at Mt. Sinai. We mark each day as a reminder that this was a special time for our people, our journey, and our history. And there are many resources for adding deeper meaning to the daily count.


I confess, last year, counting the Omer on Instagram was an activity I enjoyed but hadn’t fully mapped out from day one. So, while the messages I offered were intentional, the images were somewhat random. I have spent the last year considering how to improve the experience this year. I wanted to make the visual journey via Instagram as meaningful as any written words I offered. Then we all went into isolation and the world changed. Everything is so different now and all the Omer ideas I had swimming in my head seem insignificant.


In this time of isolation, I want to highlight our community and celebrate our resilience. I would love if you would email me pictures of your family doing something you love. They can be pictures from now - during the age of social distancing - or pictures from before. I will share a picture a day on Instagram as our Omer count. The more clearly your faces show, the better. There are forty-nine days of the Omer. I have faith that forty-nine of you will share a picture so that we can all see the faces of our community, the smiles of our friends, and the strength of our TBK family.


Please email your photo submissions (best in portrait mode) to The counting starts next Thursday evening (April 9).


Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Rochelle

Sat, April 4 2020 10 Nisan 5780