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Rabbi's Weekly Message

  Rabbi's Message 

We’ve now begun the festival of Passover, each of us adjusting in our own way to celebrating in the midst of the Corona quarantine.  As I’ve shared in different contexts, this is a holiday that focuses on themes of hope, resilience, and renewal.  As challenging as it may be to celebrate without being able to gather in person, it is a perfect holiday to come during challenging times. 


On the Shabbat during Passover, we read the passage from the Torah that describes the second set of tablets...the ones that were carved after the episode of the Golden Calf.  The verse describes that Moses should make a set of tablets “like the first”.  However, we know that these tablets won’t be the same.  The description of how the commandments are transmitted is different than earlier in Exodus, and since they are new set, they are inherently different. 

This can be extended, I believe, to our own circumstance.  We will, in the coming weeks and months, emerge from this crisis.  We will heal and we will forge a renewed community.  Many things will get “back to normal”. 

However, we will carry the impact of this experience.  I pray that we will carry with us a sense that we can be an important presence for one another, even when forced to use different tools and technologies.  As individuals and as a congregation, we will find new and powerful ways to sustain and support one another.

Over the last few weeks, many have lamented the “new normal”.   New normals will continue to present and re-present themselves.  I pray that we each find strength, creativity, and wisdom to act with selflessness and generosity.  When we do, we will emerge from this festival and this difficult time renewed and bound close together.

Shabbat Shalom and Happy Passover!

Rabbi Stein

Thu, April 9 2020 15 Nisan 5780