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Campaign Tributes

We invited some of the congregants who have already committed their support what Temple B'rith Kodesh means to them and why they have chosen to support The Campaign To Ensure Our Future .


"TBK has been central during my entire adult life, for learning, spirituality, and community. “Give while you live” is my mantra. Nothing is more meaningful to me than giving now to sustain the present and enable the future of my beloved Temple."
Sarah Liebschutz

"The TBK family is so important to me. They are always there for everyone in need including me. And it has been my family’s spiritual home for 5 generations. Rabbi Bernstein (z”l) married my parents (z”l).  TBK and the entire staff are awesome. No one does it better!"
          -  Doug Gallant & Family

"TBK is important to us as a community. We have a place where we belong, where we worship with welcoming clergy, staff, friends and neighbors who share our belief in progressive Judaism."
John and Roz Goldman

"TBK has been part of my family for decades. It has been the home for my Jewish education and religious practice as well as for important life events, including my Bar Mitzvah, our wedding and our parents’ funerals. TBK has truly shaped my Jewish identity, and my hope is that it will do the same for many future generations."

          -  Daan Braveman

"TBK has been a wonderful place of connection and meaning. Lisa and I passed along our love of Judaism to Sam at TBK. We paid it forward by teaching in the school and advising the youth group. I've sung in the choir, served on the board, helped house the homeless and reached out to the church and mosque communities through TBK. I've studied and taught, learning about everything from ethics to ethnic cuisine, Torah trope to Jonah and Job. For 35 years, TBK has been my chosen place."

          -  Joel Elliot 

"We value our extended Temple family, the Shabbat and holiday services, and the many learning opportunities. TBK is a place for us to both relax and recharge."

          -  Josh Herz and Ruth Fried

"If we were not involved at TBK our lives would be very dull, empty and boring. Being active has let us become friends with many different people and has helped us to participate in many wonderful causes. It has been our spiritual and social HOME."
 & B

"I have been a member of TBK since I was a young child. It has always been there for me, like family. I’m impressed by how it has transformed over the years. In addition to religious services and the religious school, you can find social action options, adult learning, knitting, a Judaica store, card games, recycling days, music, and so much more. There is truly something for everyone! It is a community that I am proud to be a part of."
Mara Posner Metzger


Fri, January 22 2021 9 Shevat 5781