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Book of Remembrance


Temple B'rith  Kodesh

Book of Remembrance

High Holy Days 2022 / 5783

You can now submit names for the 2022/5783 Book of Remembrance online.
 Or download the form by clicking here and mail by August 10

Remembered By
Please enter your name or names as you wish them to appear in the Book of Remembrance
In Loving Memory of
Enter the first and last name of each person you want listed on a separate line.  DO NOT use titles (such as Mr./Mrs./Dr.), they will not appear in the booklet.
Donation: $36 for up to four names
Each additional listing beyond four names is $6
For more than ten names contact Lisa Buchholz at (585) 244-7060 or
Donation Amount
$36 for up to 4 names
$42 for 5 names
$48 for 6 names
$54 for 7 names
$60 for 8 names
$66 for 9 names
$72 for 10 names
Questions?  Email or call (585) 244-7060


Thu, August 11 2022 14 Av 5782