Our Leadership

TBK Board of Trustees 2018-19



Steven Chaba , President

Click here to read the comments made by President Steven Chaba during the Rosh Hashana service

Michael Kaufman, President-Elect
Fred Weingarten, Vice-President
David Stone, Treasurer
Irene Narotsky, Secretary
Daniel Mendelson, Immediate Past President


Board of Trustees

Leslie Baker                             Ellen Broder
Aaron Cantor                         Alyssa Gupton
Amy Kahn                                Jacqui Liebman
Sue Lococo                              Liza Robbins Theuman
Bobbi Rubens                        Jonathan Siegel
Rachel Wexler                       Barry Wisset




Parashat Ki Tisa

In this Torah portion, Moses stays with God on Mount Sinai for 40 days and 40 nights. There, he is given the 10 Commandments on stone tablets. Fearing Moses will never return, the Israelites turn to Aaron, who demands that everyone bring him their gold, so he can make a golden calf. When Moses comes down the mountain and sees the people dancing around this idol, he smashes the tablets on the ground. God punishes with a plague all the Israelites who were involved. Moses builds a tent to be his meeting place with God.