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March 2021

TEMPRO has secured a grant from NYS to purchase and repurpose a furniture warehouse on the corner of Central Park and Niagara st in Rochester. The building will house 8 affordable permanent apartments for people coming out of the homeless community.  Tempro has 3 houses directly bordering the building. PCHO , formerly associated with Tempro, will manage the project and administer the finished building.  

The 3 story abandoned 1926 furniture store at the corner of Central Park and Niagara Street was funded by the State for 15 permanent supportive apartments for families who have experienced homelessness.  The building will be developed by Home Leasing, and owned and operated by Person Centered Housing Options. The design will closely follow the architectural rendering congregant  and architect Richard Rosen prepared three years ago when he asked realtor Tim Tomkins to secure a purchase option to enable PCHO to begin the lengthy governmental approval process  to secure the development and operating funding.  According to Nick Coulter, co-founder of PCHO, social services will be offered on the premises. Future expanded activities will be possible in the basement if funding can be obtained.  

The building  is flanked by Tempro owned DHS Emergency Shelter homes, at 196 and 210 Central Park, and 39 Niagara Street which were built about twenty five years ago, each with two bedroooms, expandable to four. Long term prospects for the use of these six homes in three two-family buildings are favorable, anchored by the  Certified Historic Rehabilitation of this 94 year old brick building, which once again will become an anchor in the community. Whereas in 1926 a neighborhood owned furniture store was an important asset for newly settled emigrant working families, today social services will be offered  to meet the needs of a diverse population of renters and homeowners in this neighborhood, which is  struggling with issues of poverty and joblessness. 



“Tempro” stands for TEMple PROject to help the homeless!     

Tempro Development Co. Inc. was formed in July of 1969.  Community members Sanford Gradinger, Erwin Witt, Thomas Fink, Stephen Jacobstein and Seymour Grau founded Tempro Development Co.Inc. after being inspired by Rabbi Bronstein.  Tempro was started as a major social action project of Temple B’rith Kodesh. 

The founding members of Tempro were concerned about the plight of homeless families in Rochester after the riots and the unacceptable conditions homeless families faced in local hotels and shelters where they were placed.  In addition families were divided and not able to stay together which made a traumatic situation worse.  The founders of Tempro started the project with three houses near the public market where homeless families could stay.  Over time the number of homes where homeless families can stay has increased to eleven.  These eleven homes are fully equipped for families to stay together.  At one point in the history of Tempro the organization had upwards of fifty five units to house homeless families and veterans. 

At this time Tempro is focusing its efforts on managing the eleven houses as the other programs have been passed on to other organizations who have the capacity to manage them.

Households  with three to 10 family members are assigned to an appropriate Tempro home. The care manager assists them in obtaining kitchenware, food, linens, bus tokens, and toiletries and hygiene products so that they can without delay continue to live as a homogeneous family. Were it not for the Tempro houses, they would be housed in a Homeless Shelter, where in many cases  separation by gender and age in  dormitory bunks are offered.  Where public transportation is not available, our van

gets the family to medical appointments, and required  intervention programs. Children are able to continue the very next day in their present school.

A contract with the County Department of Social Services, utilizing federal and state funds,  enables us to house over 150 families a year with a partnership that includes management by the development corporation of the local Catholic Diocese, and case management by an innovative social services agency.

Expert case managers know how to get the family rehoused within a month to 45 days. They access  programs that provide funding for a security deposit and first month's rent, and in some cases continuing financial supplements  sufficient to enable the family to lease a safe and sound apartment.

Congregants are encouraged to consider participation in a committee, leading to serving on the Board of Directors. These experiences can enhance one’s skills which can be carried over to your own professional development.  We would be very pleased to hear from individuals with a desire to  take individual or shared responsibility for money management for a small charitable corporation, coordination of volunteer activities, outreach and communication to the Temple and the Federation community, IT and social media, and events planned for the client families. Ours is a congenial and welcoming group of students, householders, and business and professional folks.

The needs in our community are great and we need Temple members to help us help our Rochester community!  Please contact Dan Gurell ( or Jerry Zakalik to find out more.     


Jerry Zakalik gives update on  Tempro activities at TBK Annual Meeting
Jerry Zakalik gives update on  Tempro activities at TBK Annual Meeting








How to donate

  •  Write a check out to Tempro Development Company Inc.  and mail to:

Temple B’rith Kodesh                                      
2131 Elmwood Avenue
Rochester, NY 14618

  • Credit and debit card payments are accepted, call Diana Sheedy at 585-244-7060 for details.

Tempro is a 501c3 organization and all contributions to the organization are tax deductible.  Contact Tempro here.

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