TBK Presidents

The following people have served as President of TBK during its 170 years in existence.


Meyer Rothschild 1848-1854   Milton Berger 1963-1965
Elias Wolff 1854-1872   Louis Perlman 1965-1968
Joseph Wile 1872-1874   Emanuel Goldberg 1968-1970
Moses Hays 1874-1877   Henry Rubens 1970-1973
Levi Adler 1877-1879   Murray Blanchard 1973-1976
David Rosenberg 1879-1880   Herbert Schwartz 1976-1978
Leopold Garson  1880-1882   Warren Heilbronner  1978-1980
I.M. Sloman 1882-1884   Charles Chadwick  1980-1982
Julius Wile 1884-1886   Lawrence Scott 1982-1984
Henry Michaels 1886-1888   Thomas Fink  1984-1986
Leopold Garson 1888-1891   Morris Weinstein 1986-1989
Joseph Cauffman 1891-1892   Annette Sheiman  1989-1991
Henry Michaels 1892-1894   Donald Onimus  1991-1993
William Miller 1894   Gerald Zakalik 1993-1995
Max Lowenthal 1894-1901   David Feinstein 1995-1997
Sol Wile 1901-1912   Carol Yunker 1997-1999
Max Lowenthal 1912-1915   Stuart Boyar 1999-2001
Mortimer Adler 1915-1921   Michael Snyder 2001-2003
Sol Applebaum 1921-1928   Philip Fain 2003-2005
Henry Stern 1928-1937   F. Kenneth Greene 2005-2009
Manuel Goldman 1937-1948   Janet Fink 2009-2011
J.H. Rubens  1948-1954   Robert Mevorach 2001-2013
Garson Meyer 1954-1957   Lou Spiro 2013-2016
Hyman Freeman 1957-1960   Daniel Mendelson 2016-2018
Clifford Lovenheim 1960-1963   Steven Chaba 2018-



Parashat Ki Tisa

In this Torah portion, Moses stays with God on Mount Sinai for 40 days and 40 nights. There, he is given the 10 Commandments on stone tablets. Fearing Moses will never return, the Israelites turn to Aaron, who demands that everyone bring him their gold, so he can make a golden calf. When Moses comes down the mountain and sees the people dancing around this idol, he smashes the tablets on the ground. God punishes with a plague all the Israelites who were involved. Moses builds a tent to be his meeting place with God.