Campaign To Ensure Our Future


We are at a transformative moment, today, a moment rich with challenge and opportunity. How can we create a strong financial foundation at Temple B’rith Kodesh to sustain the quality experiences our members enjoy? How will we respond to new challenges to make certain that TBK remains strong and relevant for its members? How can TBK be your place to experiment, to learn, to reflect and to experience life enriched with a sense of meaning and purpose? 

As with congregations across the United States, TBK has been affected by demographic and financial challenges. While the continuing support of our longtime members is notable, the aging and declining Jewish population trend in the Rochester area has resulted in decreased TBK membership levels and inadequate resources to sustain our future. 

The Campaign to Ensure Our Future, is a historic effort by TBK and the Temple B'rith Kodesh Foundation to lay the groundwork for Temple B’rith Kodesh for the remainder of the twenty-first century. The objectives represent continuity with historical traditions as well as potential to respond to the future. The campaign will help us to meet current needs and anticipate future ones, by allowing us to: 
  • Maintain and strengthen fundamental core services
  • Meet significant physical infrastructure needs
  • Respond to change with innovative new programs

"One of the richest parts of my life is that I live in a community with a robust Jewish population. My campaign contribution is going to serve not just the temple, but also my hometown. I’ve invested in my business. I’ve invested in my retirement. I’ve invested in my kids. Now, I’m going to invest in Jewish Rochester. "

                       - Steven Schwartz, Campaign to Ensure Our Future Chair




Campaign Progress to Date (as of July 31, 2018)
Number of Pledges/Gifts                                     111
Total Amount Pledged                          $2,060,439
Number of Planned Gifts                                           8
Value of Planned Gifts                             $350,000
Total Pledged and Planned Gifts  $2,410,439
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(Some donors have chosen to remain anonymous and are not listed.)
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For more information on how you can help Ensure Our Future, please contact TBK Executive Director Michael Yudelson at (585) 244-7060 or e-mail him by clicking here.


Parashat Bereshit
October 19, 2019

In this Torah portion, God creates the world. After Adam and Eve eat the forbidden fruit, they are banished from the Garden of Eden. Later Cain kills Abel. God then considers destroying all of Creation.