In Memoriam

We note with sorrow the passing of the following and extend our sympathy to those who are a part of the TBK family. 

Helen Maciag, mother of Richard (Gloria) Pohl, Joseph Maciag Jr., Lori (John) Maciag Brewer.

Lyla Brontman, sister of Hinda (Michael) Miller

Seymour Gray, brother of David Gray, husband of Beverly Gray

Idlaine Karz, mother of Randy Lempert (Dan) Morgenstern

For information on additional family members, please visit the website of Brighton Memorial Chapel


Parashat Lech Lecha

In this Torah portion, God makes a covenant with Abram promising to make his descendants a great nation. God changes Abram’s name to Abraham. Abraham has a child with Hagar and names him Ishmael. God then promises Abraham’s barren wife, Sarah, that she will have a child.

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