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Welcome to the website of Temple B'rith Kodesh!

Give to Your Heart's Content

Most people know Temple B’rith Kodesh as an iconic landmark.

To many, it is much more than an edifice.

It is the heart of Reform Jewish life and community in Rochester, New York.

Vibrant. Empowering. Uplifting.

Dedicated to enhancing the lives of those it touches.

Passing on traditions and teachings to future generations.

Caring. Active. Involved.

Taking steps to aid those in need from every walk of life.

Nurturing personal growth.

Comforting in times of despair. Sharing in times of joy.


Join us!


Being associated with Temple B'rith Kodesh, and the
amazing things we do for our congregation (and
community) is extremely rewarding.  TBK keeps me
connected to my Jewish faith which is an important
and meaningful part of my life!




Temple B'rith Kodesh helps us develop relationships,
cultivate Jewish meaning. inspire personal growth and 
foster leadership so we can transform ourselves, our
community, and the world.


Being a lifelong member of TBK has helped to shape my
strong Jewish identity.  Through my rewarding volunteer
work on a variety of committees, I have had the
opportunity to meet and form deep, lasting relationships
with members of the Temple community.  I am proud to be
a member of TBK.  We need to continue to support TBK
to ensure the future of this vibrant Temple for the next



We join together as a congregation to form the sacred
community called B'rith Kodesh, Holy Covenant.  Our
"Give to Your Heart's Content" way of funding the
funding the expenses incurred to create our sanctuary,
house of prayer, house of meaning, and place of 
education adopts this sense of covenant.  We and our
children are educated and taught the beauty, depth, and
traditions of our Judaism at our Temple.  The  GTYHC
hopes to create a covenant of membership between each individual member and the congregation.  It is where we connect and make life-long relationships.  This model builds these relationships and replaces the old transactional process of dues.  It is incumbent for each member to take ownership and to "give from the heart", give until if feels good.  I support this covenant of membership.

Sat, May 25 2024 17 Iyyar 5784