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Life & Legacy Case Statement




  • Temple B’rith Kodesh is a kehilah kedosha (a holy community) that has a special place in the life of our members.  We are a Jewish community, but even more than that, we are family. 
  • We are a family that values diversity and creates a welcoming home for every individual to embrace God, and join a tradition of reaching out to repair our world here and in the greater community.
  • We are a family that is committed to the ideals of Torah and the inspiration that is gained from meaningful study and prayer.
  • We are a family that is committed to Jewish education because it will empower our young people to make a positive difference in the world.
  • We are a family that has a strong commitment to Jewish values, but also provides a safe place for those who are still exploring what Judaism means to them.
  • We are a family that believes that the financial barriers that individuals might face should never prevent them from accessing what TBK has to offer.
  • We are a family that supports a strong State of Israel and its essential role in assuring peace, respect, and tikkun olam for the international Jewish community and all peoples of our world. 
  • We are a family that is making a promise to our children and grandchildren that these important Jewish and family values will continue to be available at TBK because of the commitment we have made as Legacy donors.
  • Our Legacy donors are people like you that feel strongly about ensuring that TBK will continue to be a thriving and vibrant congregation for the future.  Please join the rest of the TBK family, your family, in making a Legacy gift. 

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Tue, December 7 2021 3 Tevet 5782