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Temple B'rith Kodesh offices will be closed on Tuesday, April 23 in observance of Passover. Join us that morning for a joint service at Temple Sinai, 363 Penfield Road at 10:30 am !

TBK Religious School

Curriculum for 3rd Grade to 6th Grade

Third Grade
Third Grade students continue to delve into learning more about the Jewish holidays- how and why we celebrate, related history and values and essential English and Hebrew holiday vocabulary. Students will also be introduced to Mitzvot (commandments) in a fun and engaging manner. They will learn how Jewish values shape our daily lives and the responsibilities of being a mensch, a good person. 

Fourth Grade
Fourth grade students will keep studying the Jewish holidays. This year they focus on the modern customs and celebrations together with more ancient traditions and history. Why we celebrate, how we celebrate, the mitzvot of the holidays and how this all enriches and strengthens us as individuals, family and community. Students are introduced to Israel’s history, geography, political, commercial, and cultural life. They learn about Israel’s struggle to coexist peacefully with its neighbors as well as learning about Israelis their own age: what they do for fun, their favorite sports and foods, and what their schools are like. Speaking Hebrew will also be incorporated into their learning and discussions. 

Fifth Grade
Fifth grade students will build character throughout the year by finding new meaning in Jewish holiday stories and traditions. They will discover how the values we learn from our holidays can guide us in making good decisions every day as well as showing how Judaism can be relevant to their lives. Students will learn how the Torah can help them become their best selves and build healthy family relationships. They will study stories of the Torah to gain an understanding of biblical stories while also exploring the connection between the stories and their lives. 

Sixth Grade

Sixth Grade students will be able to explain the significance of each of the Jewish holidays, traditions and beliefs. They will be guided to see how Judaism is relevant to their lives and show that Judaism is not just a religion of our past but a faith that guides their moral actions and thoughts.Questions about God will promote discussions of how students can form a connection between God and themselves. Mitzvots and tikkun olam will also be a large part of the curriculum. Students will be given topics and then time to research to better understand how they can incorporate mitzvahs into their everyday lives. Through family programs and discussions, students will be introduced to the history and significance of becoming a B’nei Mitzvah. 

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