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TBK Religious School

Curriculum for Kindergarten to 2nd Grade

The Kindergarten year starts as an introduction to religious education. Students will be introduced to the Jewish Holidays customs, blessings and prayers. They will discover the joys of holiday traditions through creative movement, expressive language, thought provoking questions, stories, songs and crafts. Students will also learn and discuss Jewish values that will help them to develop a positive Jewish identity. In addition, our Kindergarten students will be introduced to the Alef-bet. 

First Grade
First grade students will be provided the foundation for learning, celebrating and experiencing Jewish holidays, the synagogue and home, and synagogue rituals. Torah stories are introduced and our students will become familiar with the important characters and stories in the first book of the Torah, Genesis. Jewish values will also be drawn and discussed from each of the stories. Additionally, students will continue learning the Alef-bet focusing on letters and sounds. 

Second Grade
Second grade students will continue with learning about the Jewish holidays. They will begin to develop an understanding that our practice is connected to our ancient stories, to the Torah, to celebration and to the values we try to live our lives today. Torah stories are continued, and students will continue familiarizing themselves with the important characters and stories in the second book of the Torah, Exodus. A variety of discussions and activities will occur throughout as well as pulling out the values from each of the stories. Specific focus will also take students through Jewish Values by being based on a Hebrew “letter of the week” model. Through biblical, rabbinic, Hasidic and folk stories, students learn the important values that influence their religious and secular lives. Furthermore, students will reinforce their knowledge of the 22 Hebrew letters--what they look like, what they sound like, how to tell them apart, and how to get used to scanning a page from right to left.

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Wed, June 19 2024 13 Sivan 5784